• Here are some other documents for general use,
    •   job descriptions for production roles etc. are at the end
    • Joining form, revised May 2018 - click here to view
    • Play-reading record - click here to view the latest version
    • List of all past productions: click here for main productions
    • Costumes document 1 - last updated April 2018
    • Costumes document 2 - last updated April 2018
    • Data Protection policy, May 2018 - click here to view
    • H&S (Health & Safety) policy - click here to view
    • H&S risk register - click here to view
    • Minutes of the AGM 2018 - click here to see a copy. 
    • Funtington Players constitution - click here to view
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    • Financial accounts and cost comparison details of recent plays (under development)
    • Can you help? - click here to see details of help or items wanted by Funtington Players, particularly in respect of current and future productions. 
    • “Rough guide” documents and job descriptions for various roles are now available:

      PRODUCTION PLANNING PROFORMA - helps directors, production team and others to organise and timetable all the steps in planning and implementing a production, from choosing a script through to performance and beyond.
      There are three documents, revised June 2015:

      PROFORMA (Phase 1) covers Phase 1 – Pre-Production

      PROFORMA (Phase 2) (spreadsheet) covers Phase 2 – Rehearsal Period

      PROFORMA (Phase 3) covers Phase 3 – Get-in, Performance & Post-Production

      ROUGH GUIDE - ROSTRA will be useful during get-ins and get-outs

      Job Description, revised September 2014 - RESIDENT STAGE MANAGER

      Job Description - PRODUCTION MANAGER

      Job Description, revised September 2014 - STAGE MANAGER

      Job Description, May 2018 - FRONT OF HOUSE