Funtington Players – Audition Protocol


The society prides itself on running open and fair auditions where nothing has been decided in advance.  It is essential for the health of the society that auditions are not only fair but seen to be fair, without compromising the right of directors to decide the best casting for their particular show.  This protocol sets out a few simple ground rules.

Principles and Procedures.

1. All plays which are being considered for production should be read at an open play read in good time before the audition

2. The FPs conduct group auditions on a date which is publicised well in advance.  It is the expectation that all those who wish to be considered for a part will attend the audition.  This ensures that everyone has to cope with the same environment and the undoubted stresses of reading in front of a group with whom one is in direct competition.

3. Anyone who wishes to be considered for a part but who genuinely cannot attend on the audition date should contact the Director well in advance.  If possible individual auditions should be conducted before the main group audition.  This will avoid delays after the main audition.

4. At the group audition the Director should announce at the start if there is anyone else being considered but who is not present.

5. The structure and running of the audition should be the sole prerogative of the director.

6. The director may ask other members to assist, provide support and give advice at or following an audition.

7. The decision on casting should be made as soon as possible after the group audition.  If there is going to be a delay the Director should make this clear to everyone involved.

8. All those who auditioned should be contacted individually by phone, letter or email to let them know if they have been cast or not.

9. Should the Director conclude that the play cannot be cast from the people who have auditioned, the Chairman and committee should be consulted before anyone else is approached.  If appropriate a repeat audition can then be arranged.

This protocol was attached to the August 2011 edition of our newsletter.